Grief has many faces and it impacts us in many places. Mariann works with her clients one on one and in groups, in person or virtually. She is present with and for them as they acknowledge their grief experienced as a result of change or loss and grow through and beyond it. She is a facilitator, speaker, coach, companion and guide. In a grief averse world she offers a welcoming, safe space to grieve, breathe and believe.

Mariann is an avid and lifelong learner. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her clients. Her active listening and compassionate curiosity empower her clients to draw confidently on their inner knowledge and guidance. Together you will co-create a unique plan for your sessions to rebuild resilience after a life change, loss, illness or death of a loved one. The sessions are rooted in a holistic health and wellness approach to rebuild resilience and empower wholehearted living following a life changing experience, grief or loss.

Mariann draws on wisdom from the school of life, personal experiences of illness, infertility, career reinvention and relationship challenges. She works with you to discover the integrative solutions that affirm your body, mind, spirit connection. Grief can have an impact on each of these and she offers a treasure chest of tools and practices to choose from to facilitate your healing.

She has formal training as a Certified Life Tribute Professional, a Creative Grief Coach, in Multidisciplinary Palliative Care, as a Yoga Teacher and as a Therapeutic Touch practitioner. She is a devoted student of international Meditation and Yoga Master Sri Vasudeva.

Mariann is present and attentive with her clients. She compassionately holds the space that allows them the freedom to create a self-directed, fully supported process to guide them gently yet effectively through grief into growth.

Humans are naturally resilient. Sometimes we need a little help getting back to that natural state. Mariann is compassionate and caring. The gems in her treasure chest are ready for you to claim. Contact her at 613-290-0191 for a 15 minute free consultation to learn more.