What is a funeral celebrant?

A funeral celebrant is a qualified individual who works with a family to craft and conduct a ceremony befitting, and tailored to, the beliefs, values and desires of a deceased individual and his or her immediate family members. The service may or may not include aspects and components of “traditional” religious and/or funeral/burial ceremonies, depending on what the family wants.

Why did I become a celebrant?

I am passionate about the importance of paying tribute to a person in a way that truly reflects who they were to the people who knew and loved them. Many people don’t have an affiliation to a particular religion or church and I want to present an option that offers an opportunity to honour a loved one and recognize the importance of the life and the sadness of the loss in a way that works for them. I believe that marking the loss, telling stories and gathering together is an important first step in healing, in growing through the grief.

What is the Family Meeting Like?

When I am called to do a service I always try to meet with the family in person. I let the primary contact decide who should be there, immediate family, relative, close friends whoever you feel creates a comfortable and supportive supportive environment. The gathering is informal, often around the kitchen table,usually lasting a couple of hours at most. I want to hear the stories of a lifetime, adventures, challenges, triumphs, milestones from which I weave a tapestry of comforting memories to share.

Can You Help Us Figure Out What To Do?

Absolutely. Based on my experience, training and resources gathered over time I can suggest the order of service, passages, simple meaningful rituals, ways for others to participate and music. Together we will determine what works for you.

What if the deceased said “no funeral”?

It is likely they did not want a traditional service. We can build a tribute that creates an opportunity to mark the passing without disrespecting their wishes.