“Tu es une créatrice de bonnes vibrations! Merci” N

“Thank you for your generosity and wonderful spirit. You are a lovely person who shares her light to so many!” B

“Immense merci pour le temps de paus, de paix ed de silence, très apprécié dans nos journées agitées.” ML

Merci pour ton dévouement, ton humour et juste d’être une yogi et une personne formidable.” F


No matter what’s going on in my life or how much stress I’m under, I always feel better after yoga sessions with Mariann. Relaxed and happy!

Generous, patient, a good instructor, Mariann always reminds us of what is actually important. Thank you Mariann for helping me during recent challenging times. D

Therapeutic Touch

Thanks for being an important part of my healing team. K


Mariann, it was a beautiful and fitting service and we truly appreciate the love and effort that you put into it. MG