Yoga and Grief

I have been practicing yoga since I was in college. Some years later I was privileged to meet a true yoga master, with his guidance I continued to develop my practice, learned to love the discipline and embrace the philosophy of yoga.

I completed my yoga teacher certification to deepen my knowledge and practice. This intense training gave me an even greater appreciation for the restorative, energizing and healing elements that yoga brings.

Grief happens in the body. When we are grieving a loss or in relation to a change in our lives our bodies feel the effects of this grief. These body-centered effects of grief can range from feeling lethargic, to dull aches, feeling a tightness in the chest and sleeplessness.

The practice of gentle yoga allows the body to release endorphins, the body’s natural feel good chemicals and Raises your levels of serotonin boosting your mood and overall sense of well-being. It can also help improve your appetite and sleep cycles, which are often disrupted by grief.

Practicing yoga postures, gentle stretching, breathing and focus are not a retreat from grief but offers some relief. It helps us build back resilience to navigate through the difficult emotions.

Never practiced yoga? No problem, we can work together to learn the poses and create a unique routine that suits you. We can revisit the routine regularly and adapt it to your suit your needs as you chart your course to rebuilding relationships with yourself and others as you go through your grief.

The mind alone cannot solve the mystery of loss and grief, intellectual information is not enough. Understanding that dealing with the physical aspects of the multilayered effects of our grief helps us journey through it to transform our self knowledge and relationships in the face of our changed reality.